Best Holiday Air Dancers Supplier in USA

Best Holiday Air Dancers Supplier in USA

Best Holiday Air Dancers Supplier in USA

Holiday Inflatable Air Dancers Supplier

What are air dancers?

Tall, jiggly, and downright silly but air dancers are loved by all. When you drive down the street, you cannot miss these giant air dancers as they wave and flail their arms. Air Dancers are colorful local advertising tools that draws the customer’s attention. They are designed to help bring life to any business. These giant dancing tube men will drive people through your door. The air dancer is known by many names like sky dancer, fly guy, tallboy, inflatable man, tube man, or wacky waving inflatable tube man.   Air dancers have generally continued their sprint in popularity all over the world. It captures the focus of every single person that passes by.
Sky dancers need to be manufactured to withstand the hurricane-force beating delivered by 8 hours of continuous high output air flow delivered by these 18″ wide commercial fans. his is necessary to lift up the air dancer material. The head opening is what provides the dancing puppet motion.

How can air dancers help your business?

No matter what your business deals in, marketing and promotional services are one of the main concerns of all organizations regardless of their size. Promotional investments would get help you retain more customer and enhancing sales.  The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) has concluded that on-premises signs cost much less per impression than any other form of advertising. If you are looking to increase your customer traffic at your retail location or you have a visibility issue or are a new store, this is a very small investment that will pay for itself usually within 10 days and will drive sales from up 10% to a whopping 200%. Sky dancers help a new business grow quickly or they can help break through that sales plateau for existing businesses.

Leading Manufacturer of Inflatable Air Dancers:

We at Air dancers have been manufacturing quality sky dancers for many years and to this day, every product we make is impressive and eye-catching. This is the reason why we are known to have one of the finest air dancers in the US.

When people call to have one made, often they say they called because they saw one on the road to work and figured. Our custom-made tube man is our specialty. You can get it custom-made as per your professional requirement. Whether it’s a special occasion or an official event, our fly guys stand out in the crowd and turns out to the highlight of your big day. Not only are they a source of entertainment for the guests but also a perfect marketing tool to advertise your product or services. We offer a wide range of premade as well including big Friday, Halloween, New year’s eve, New year’s, Christmas, Season greetings, January white sale, Present Day, Mother Day, Father Day, USA Independence Day, and Labor Day, Sister Day, Brother Day, National Mammography Day, World Cancer Day, Teachers’ Day, World Food Day, Children’s Day, Children’s Day, Easter Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Teachers’ Day, and Women Days.  You can also ask to print any message that you want to be conveyed among the crowd.

Another great characteristic of our inflatable tallboys is their reliability and longevity. They are made to last you a long time so you can reuse them multiple times. So, get in touch with us today and make the most of some of the exciting offers this season.

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